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We believe that approaching the design of a room should be enjoyable and affordable. It is upon this design sensibility that we founded Décor Maison with a full range of interior design and architecture sources. We strive to ensure that our clients realize that no idea is too intimidating to accomplish. High-end custom made furniture can be created to accommodate any theme, however, there are always economical alternatives to high-end designs. A trained professional will be eager to find readily made, affordable furniture that fits any design scheme as well as taste.

Interior design should never be an unpleasant, stressful experience. Designing your new home is just that, making something your own. At Décor Maison, our goal is to make your home beautiful, whatever the budget.

Finances should not be a deterrence either – we offer an hourly design rate. No hidden fees or costs. Whether you need several hours for a micro-design or a whole house design project, we have affordable solutions for every client.